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They call me Cha Cha because I'm the best dancer at St. Bernadette's

Anyway it’s about time to get my butt back in gear and start posting for the loves in my life.

I’m 5’2″, a size 16, and am the proud owner of a pair DD’s.  That’s not a size that melds well with high fashion.  However I have yet to let any of these things stop me from wearing fashionable and style forward outfits.

I took Oprah’s advice years ago and pay no attention to the tag.  No one else is going to see the size of what I’m wearing and, well hell, half the things I find from pre-1984 don’t have comparable sizes anyway.

Be critical of what your wear.

Know your limitations and colors.

Get Shit Tailored!!!

Eff gender rules.

Be mindful of Accessories.

Small heels (if you can walk in them) make your ass look better.

Hair up and off of one’s face and shoulders can elongate the figure.

BALANCE AND PROPORTION.  It’s like any other art form, learn the rules, then break them.

Get to know your sewing machine.

I’ve never owned a button down I haven’t sewn closed through the chest.

Solid, well-made undergarmets make a world of difference.

Black is not the end-all color.

I own classics but I shop for pieces.

I own one pair of pants.  They’re mens Mountain Khaki Lake Lodge Twill pants in navy and I wear them to bake in on the weekends and party in during the week.  They fit great, can take the abuse, and have HUGE pockets (I gave up pockets long ago).

Learn to improvise.   For example, the whole blazer trend?  It’s killing me.  You know where you can find awesome blazers?  Search women’s church suits.  Now sift through the options.  The hats are pretty great too.  Accentuate your assets. This woman knows what I’m talking about.

So I just realized that SXSW this year includes Style X (Style by). That’s right, 2 days during the mayhem that is SXSW I get to see 4 runway shows (sponsored ones with DJ’s… though really I’m counting all two weeks of south by to be a runway show). I’ve been shopping for this “preview of summer” since my reawakening into the world, about the 2nd week of Jan.  So far my local Thrift Town and Grits and Gravy Thursdays at Barbarella have kept me in a sea of glitz and glamour during these harrowing winter months (avg. for December and January respectively 69F and 49.7, I know boohoo right?).

  My birthday was two months ago but I wanted to put up my outfits from it… and some other pictures… but the other pictures aren’t internet worthy…. ahs well.

00160m1I think I’m finally over the whole dark blue thing.  I’ve moved back to black and with a vengeance.  Heavy fabrics, but not wool… what’s a heavy form of linen? I’m really liking some of the lighter grays and vivd red-oranges I found in the spring RTW of Wolfgang Joop of Wunderkind.00090m00100m Though, I’m not sure about them because it’s been a minute since I felt those shades of grey (last time it was a saffron and pale slate gray combo).  I’m still kind of lusting over the thick belts(and tiny hats) that Marc Jacobs put together for the spring. And then there’s a new designer I stumbled upon, Limi Feu with some really geometric lines that added some complexity to otherwise straightforward outfits.

00120m00180m(All images from style.com )

Sarah Palin as a moose that’s a hockey mom (or any other political costumes), Christopher McCandless as Kurt Cobain in ghost form.   I’m leaving the punny costumes up to the kids with the money to do them right.  I’m going with post apocalyptic nurse.  I basically just want to wear my goggles and wear a cape.  And carry a syringe… on a utility best.  It’s going to be fun.  I need to find my flask…..

So besides medicine I think everyone knows my second love.  Clothes.  But, it’s not just a love.  It’s how I see the world.  I can take a two hour walk and the only things I see are inspiration for colors and fabrics and hats and purses and jackets and boots and outfits.  I own a mac but lo and behold it doesn’t have a SD card slot so I can’t put up the pictures of the things I found. (Some chandelier fungus thing, a beautiful oak door and vivid blue paint, a 1964 champagne Daimler with burgundy interior). I’ve had a few days of nothing to do and have finally gotten around to designing. I’m poor and can’t buy new clothes and like my ideas for some of them better anyways. Though Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2009 is pretty kickin’… La Croix wasn’t as good as I would hope but who doesn’t love a black lace veil. I want pilot pants circa… what early 1940’s, (could be sometime in the 30’s) rich oak colored leathers, and rabbit fur. I’m making a fitted dress shirt out of an old lands end mens shirt. I’m making pants out of old teal colored and embroidered cord. I want to be a gypsy with a knife in my boot. And a gathered fabric belt. I want to make pants with ruffles cascading down the hips. I’m giving away my ideas to the internet. I’ll post pictures when I’m finished.

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